Engineering Schools

Engineering Schools

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Educating Engineers

Engineering Education starts early with STEM programs. STEM covers science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The United States has seen the amount of student interest in these fields diminish recently. Therefore new programs have been set up to encourage younger students to discover these fulfilling careers.

Engineering Education

Engineers typically have Bachelor or Masters degrees. In addition, engineers typically take advanced education in order to specialize in their field of expertise.

By the end of the first year an engineering student should be looking to decide what specialization they would like to study. Specializations could include the following: civil (including structural), mechanical, electrical (often including computers) chemical, biological, industrial, aerospace, materials (including metallurgical), agricultural, and many other specializations. After choosing a specialization an engineering student will begin to take class that will build on the education that they have received and focus their future education toward their specialization or field of study. Towards the end of their undergraduate education, engineering students often undertake a design or other special project specific to their field.